Kelley (ChristaDelphian) Cemetery
Photographed by James Powell & Jim Powell Jr
If You have any information on any of our Unknowns Or you know of a cemetery that we have not found please let us know.
Website by Jim Powell Jr
1Sectional View  View from the entrance 
2Allen R. Kelley 01 October 1865 13 March 1913 This stone had been turned around 
3Sectional View  View of fenced area 
4R.D. Robertson 09 September 1826 16 September 1890  
5 Detail   The cap from the top of the stone has been broken off. This stone sets in the center of the grave rather than at the head. 
6 Detail   Right side of Robertson's Stone 
7 Detail   Left side of Robertson's Stone 
8Sectional View  Complete view of John H. Fowler's grave 
9John H. Fowler 26 April 1848 06 September 1891  
10 Detail   Top of John H. Fowler's Stone 
11 Detail   Rough back of John H. Fowler's Stone 
12 Detail   Corner of the fence 
13 Detail   Fence post points 
14 H.W.K.   Footstone for missing Headstone 
15 Detail   Base of missing Headstone 
16Sarah Fullmer Kelley 1870 1930 Second wife of J.L. Kelley. Photo on stone has been shot twice. 
17 Detail   Photo of Sarah Fullmer Kelley on stone 
18Sectional View  View of 2 Kelley Stones with a funeral marker between them. 
19 Unknown   Funeral Marker between Kelley Stones 
20Lillian M. Kelley   No further information on the stone 
21 Detail   Back of Lillian Kelley's Stone 
22 Unknown   Apparent footstone beyond Large Kelley Stones 
23 Unknown   A second footstone near the first one 
24Sectional View  Kelley Pyramid from the front 
25Sectional View  Kelley Pyramid from the left side 
26Sectional View  Kelley Pyramid from the back 
27Sectional View  Kelley Pyramid from the right side 
28 Detail   Fronts side of Kelley pryramid stone 
29George W. Kelley 09 November 1828 20 November 1907 Born Warren Co. GA (Left side of Kelley pyramid) 
30Sarah Hooks Kelley 02 May 1839 16 June 1894 Born Washington Co. GA (Right side of Kelley pyramid) 
31 Detail   Back of Kelley pyramid stone